Myers Jackson Virginia Licensed Auctioneer

Myers Jackson Virginia Licensed Auctioneer #2907004173. As a licensed auctioneer, Myers Jackson has the ability sell personal property via auction. Via live and/or online auction. Recent world events set online auctions up as the ideal option. Through this method, items can sell to anyone in the state or the country without either ever needing to leave the house. Myers Jackson can sell various pieces of personal property at auction in Virginia. Antiques, collectibles, storage units, to name a few.

Myers Jackson Virginia Licensed Auctioneer Selling via Online-Only Auctions

Truly, current events require more to be done online. Auctions are no different. In fact, Myers Jackson Virginia Licensed Auctioneer #2907004173 has been advocating the benefits of online-only auctions for quite some time. An online-only auction brings a larger group of bidders to the auction. These bidders have the opportunity to bid from the comforts of home with the click of a mouse or using a mobile device in the blink of an eye. The auctioneer you choose to handle your auction should have an exceptional resume. To start with Myers Jackson Virginia Licensed Auctioneer #2907004173 is a member of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA). His knowledge and expertise in social media marketing and SEO has helped him in this career he loves. “A crucial factor in an online-only auction succeeding is to be found in an online search,” Myers Jackson explains. “When customers type in an item or an area, you want your auction to be the first and foremost result. I have the training to achieve that.”

Myers Jackson Virginia Licensed Auctioneer and Online-Only Auctions

As technology improves and more shopping is being done online, auctions are growing right along with the trend. More and more people are turning to ordering groceries and other needs and items online and having them delivered to their doorstep. Equally as easy is bidding on an item in an online-only auction and having the won items delivered. Still, yet, there are instances in which an auction needs to be live. Myers Jackson Virginia Licensed Auctioneer #2907004173 loves the atmosphere of a live auction. He enjoys meeting people and bringing excitement to the auction. He has a remarkable ability to grab the attention of the room during an auction. He holds that attention until his final call of “Sold, Sold, Sold!” Myers Jackson Virginia Licensed Auctioneer also utilizes his talents through helping Charitable Organizations raise much needed cash for their cause.

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