Pennsylvania Real Estate Broker

        Pennsylvania consists of some picturesque landscapes. From rolling mountains to the clear waters that these mountains sometimes tower above. Throughout Pennsylvania’s more than 28 million acres is a variety of real estate potential. When it comes to Pennsylvania real estate, make sure to have a dedicated realtor with years of experience on your side. As a matter of fact, Pennsylvania Real Estate Broker Myers Jackson #SBR003174 is an ideal choice. Twenty years ago Myers Jackson #SBR003174 became a licensed broker in Florida. That would lead to quite an incredible career. Not only is Myers Jackson #SBR003174 a top notch real estate broker, he is also a highly skilled auctioneer. Bringing those two talents together Myers Jackson’s #SBR003174 real estate auctions bring results. Furthermore, Myers Jackson #SBR003174 has been traveling the U.S. selling at auction various real property. Coast to coast. Big towns to small cities. Far back roads to the countryside. Even internationally. From homes full of years of memorabilia, even some classic cars. To a luxury home where he took a dive in his best boots, hat, suit and tie. Indeed, Myers Jackson #SBR003174 had to meet and or pass specific criteria to receive his Pennsylvania Broker license. He is a high school graduate over the age of 18 successfully completing a prescribed 240 hours in real estate instruction. Then there is the passing of the broker license exam as well as the end of course exam. Notably Myers Jackson #SBR003174 is a busy man traveling city to city conducting real estate auctions. Rarely is he seen slowing down to catch a breath. What may seem to appear as such is in reality his efforts in brushing up on or continuing his knowledge. In fact, once receiving a license he does not stop and call it good enough. He continues onward to the next license. Some states, such as the state of Pennsylvania, require a broker to also carry an auctioneer license in order to sell real estate at auction. Myers Jackson additionally carries an auctioneer license in the state of Pennsylvania. He successfully completes and meets all necessary requirements receiving all that a state requires. Then he is on to the next state. For this very reason, Myers Jackson #SBR003174 is a licensed broker and/or auctioneer in nearly thirty U.S. states. Now, what does this mean for the state of Pennsylvania? This means when it comes to land for sale in Pennsylvania, Myers Jackson #SBR003174 can sell it. Whether it is eastern, northern, southern or western Pennsylvania land for sale. Even land for sale in central Pennsylvania. Contact Pennsylvania Real Estate Broker Myers Jackson #SBR003174. Let him bring his dedication and experience to the Pennsylvania real estate you have for sale. You will be so glad you did as soon as you hear those three victorious words…”sold, sold, sold!”

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