Oklahoma Real Estate Broker Affectionately known throughout the country as America’s Auctioneer is Oklahoma Real Estete Broker Myers Jackson. And for good reason! Myers Jackson will go anywhere from California to Florida and all the states between. He will even go internationally. Auctioning everything from personal property such as collectibles and tools. To homes-be it the fixer upper needing moving to the grandiose luxury homes. As a matter of fact, he has been auctioneering for 20 years. Myers has not just been driving around state to state, sale to sale, auctioning items and homes. Long before becoming the Auctioneer for the DIY Network’s hit reality series Texas Flip and Move, he was learning. Learning the profession and ways to bring it into an era of technology that is constantly improving and updating. For example, one area of specialty for Myers is his extensive training in search engine optimization. Creating an edge for Myers in marketing his live, simulcast and online only auctions. In addition to the knowledge he has been attaining, are his certifications and acknowledgements. Myers is a member of the Certified Auctioneer Institute and National Auctioneer Association. He is as well a Benefit Auction Specialist and a Certified Estate Specialist. He is a winner of the 2016 Chuck Cumberlain Sportsmanship Award. In fact, Myers also carries certifications as a real estate broker in many states. The most recent being the state of Oklahoma in late April. And he isn’t done yet. He is already working on attaining another state as well. But being a real estate broker is nothing new for Myers. More than twenty years ago he became a real estate broker in his home state of Florida. Now he is a real estate broker in more than twenty states across the U.S. Indeed many of us have heard that the sky is the limit. However, these words are not true of Myers. For him there is no limit. Goals, though, those are what are important to Myers. And he achieves every one he sets. Nothing gets in his way while he is reaching for the goal at hand. He is traveling state to state scheduling auctions and preparing for those upcoming. He is in multiple time zones a week, sometimes in the same day. He is in the air or behind the wheel. All the while studying and testing for brokers licenses. Truly there are numerous reasons that Myers is a role model to children and adults alike. He is proof that working hard leads to success. It may not always be a cushy ride, but if the effort is put into it, the end result is well worth it. Here is a man who was in his early thirties when he began his journeys into real estate and auctioneering. Today he is adored everywhere he goes. His black hat, smile, Texas-size gavel and voice are recognizable by fans coast to coast. Therefore, when it comes time to sell your home or property, there is no question as to whom to call. Visit Myers’s website at http://myersjackson.com to view his previous successful real estate auctions. While there, check out his real estate auctions coming up in multiple states. Yes, Myers is always busy. However, he is never too busy to meet wherever you are to help you get your property sold, sold, sold.

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