Myers Jackson Sells Mississippi Real Estate's the Magnolia State. She has over 48 thousand sq miles of green, rolling hills and gorgeous waterfront views. Of course, there is Mississippi Real Estate for Sale in each of the state’s 82 counties. Either relaxing lake front, spacious luxury or cozy country homes. Near shopping and amenities or secluded in the quiet countryside. There are even homes in Mississippi for those who love the challenge of a flip. Indeed, hiring a broker who is highly skilled has many benefits. Mississippi Real Estate Broker Myers Jackson #19971 has 20 years of real estate experience. His years of knowledge and expertise make him the ideal choice for either commercial or residential real estate. In fact, Mississippi is a state which requires auctioneers possess a real estate brokers license when selling real estate via an auction. Even if the auctioneer’s only task is calling bids. If he/she is doing so at a real estate auction, Mississippi requires that the auctioneer have both licenses. Myers Jackson is licensed in the state of Mississippi as an auctioneer as well as a real estate broker.

Mississippi Real Estate Forms

Understandably, each real estate transaction requires forms for examination and signatures. For instance, the Working with a Real Estate Broker form. In the first meeting with Mississippi Real Estate Broker Myers Jackson #19971, clients receive this form. All parties read it over and any questions are addressed and answered. At which time all parties sign the form. The clients receive a copy of this form and Myers Jackson keeps a copy on file. Markedly two topics clients will see on this from are Buyer’s Agent and Seller’s Agent. ● Buyer’s Agent A licensed broker representing only the buyer as the agent. The duties and obligations of agents in this agreement are those consisting of confidentiality, disclosure, loyalty and obedience handled with skillful care to the buyer; and, of course, fairness and honesty to both the buyer and the seller. ● Seller’s Agent Sellers who enlist Mississippi Real Estate Broker Myers Jackson #19971 are entitled to the same duties and obligations as buyers are. The differentiating feature is that the agent shall disclose any known facts pertaining to the property’s value which all parties involved are not aware of. Certainly, these transactions require more forms. Not to mention commitment and diligence from the beginning to the last gavel call. Mississippi Real Estate Broker Myers Jackson #19971 brings his years of experience, knowledge and skills. As well as his unparalleled dedication to get your home and/or property listed, marketed and #soldsoldsold. Call him today at 844-400-AUCTION, that’s 844-400-2828.

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