Mississippi Licensed Auctioneer Twenty years ago this month, Myers Jackson began his journey into the career of an Auctioneer. Since then he has been auctioning real estate coast to coast. As well as across international waters. From elegant plantation homes to spectacular waterfront homes. The years of experience and learning has made him the auctioneer America loves. In fact, each week viewers watch him auction renovated homes on television. Yet, Myers Jackson is not done when the cameras stop rolling for the day. Away from the set he is traveling state to state auctioning real estate. He carries licensure as a real estate broker and auctioneer in more than twenty states. As a matter of fact, one state in which Myers Jackson is a licensed real estate auctioneer is Mississippi. Myers Jackson MCAL1302. Now, one does not just wake up one day, decide to be an auctioneer, find a gavel and chant away. No. There is so much more to being an auctioneer than talking fast. Each state has rules and regulations that auctioneers are to adhere to. Coupled with intense education such as that offered by the Western College of Auctioneering. Let’s take a look at the regulations pertaining to Mississippi auctioneers. First of all are the basic initial conditions. Those are a high school diploma or GED and being 18 years or older. Then there is auctioneer education. This may be attained by attending an auction school such as the aforementioned Western College of Auctioneering. Or through an apprenticeship by a licensed auctioneer. Furthermore, it may be necessary to obtain an additional license in some of Mississippi’s counties or municipalities. In Mississippi, once licensed, continuing education is not required. Also in Mississippi, online only auctions do not require state licensing. Additionally, $10,000 bond or insurance is required. Lastly, licenses last for 2 years expiring in odd years on March 1st. Therefore, when buying or selling real estate in Mississippi, turn to an auctioneer with years of experience. Myers Jackson MCAL1302 exudes the utmost dedication and integrity.

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