Mississippi Auction Company - Myers Jackson 1303F

More than 30 million acres of land makes up the great state of Mississippi.  Day in and day out throughout the Magnolia State real estate is bought and sold.  From the quiet countryside all the way to the close knit suburb and everything in between. The single level starter home that is now too small for its growing family.  Or the exquisite luxury home that is now too large for the empty nesters. Even the homes needing to be moved off of a property.   A uniquely effective selling approach is available which some homeowners may not know about.  This being the auction method of selling real estate.  

 Indeed, Mississippi has an auction business offered by a familiar name ready to help homeowners get their property sold.  Myers Jackson MCAC1303F.  Myers Jackson is a house hold name.  In part due that he is the auctioneer on DIY Network’s Texas Flip and Move.  Each Friday Myers Jackson takes his place in the podium with his Texas-size gavel auctioning renovated homes to the highest bidder.  This may be his sole task with the reality show, but it is not the sole task in his career.  That being another reason Myers Jackson is a household name.  

Truly, Myers Jackson holds licensure in numerous states throughout the U.S. Including that of Mississippi Auction business MCAC1303F.  In Mississippi Myers Jackson has successfully auctioned real estate.  The Mississippi Auctioneer Commission mandates many regulations for auctioneers.

 Some of which include:

 Beginning with the methods by which auctions are advertised. It is imperative that adequate wording be adhered to in all advertisements or find themselves in violation. For example, advertising a big ticket item with the sole motivation to gain a larger attendance while having no intent to actually auction said item.

 Then there is the identification card which must be carried in the pocket of auctioneers during any auction.  The auctioneer need be prepared to present the card in the event of an inspection.  These cards detail the name of the auctioneer or firm, license number and expiration dates. 

 Another regulation is the use of name and license number by an auction frim, yet not participating in conducting the business.  This is a violation, holding more violations if advertising was involved.

 Moreover, Myers Jackson MCAC1303F is duly licensed.  He has received all necessary education and has paid all fees.  He conducts business with the utmost dignity and integrity.  When it is time to sell real estate in Mississippi, contacting Myers Jackson is a winning choice.    

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