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For starters, Georgia has three of sixteen 2018 Bliss Award Winning Communities of the year. Each of the three are on Georgia lakes. Two on Lake Oconee and one on Lake Lanier. Certainly this makes real estate property in these areas that much more appealing. Whether that property is in the cozy country, one of many friendly neighborhoods or waterfront. Whichever your preference may be, Georgia Real Estate Broker (#219186) Myers Jackson will make the process stress-free. Now there are various reasons for looking to move to Georgia. Miles of spectacular acreage is blanketed under mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets. Take the family pet for a walk at the park. Go on a family bicycle ride around the city. Relax lakeside while enjoying the fellowship of family and friends. You may be relocating for work. Ready for some new scenery. Or even retiring. On your quest to find your new Georgia home, a real estate broker is necessary. As a matter of fact, Myers Jackson is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Georgia-license #219186. In Georgia there are 4 different types of real estate licenses. Myers Jackson operates under the Broker license. With this license Myers Jackson as “a broker may perform any real estate brokerage act that requires a real estate license in Georgia. Both individuals and firms may be licensed as brokers. In order to be active in real estate brokerage, an individual licensed as a broker must be affiliated with a sole proprietorship, a corporation, a partnership, or a limited liability company that is also licensed as a broker.”* Moreover, Myers Jackson meeting each of Georgia’s nine requirements necessary for obtaining a Broker License is Myers Jackson. Of course he met the first three requirements prior to applying for his Broker License. He has no criminal background, is a couple of years over 21 and is a high school graduate. Requirements 4 and 6 he has been acquiring throughout his career. Twenty years in real estate has equipped Myers Jackson with incredible education and experience in real estate. Meaning his passing of requirement number 5-the examination-with flying colors. Paying all due fees, requirement 7, granted Myers Jackson his Broker License. Requirements 8 and 9 now go hand in hand. In order to maintain his Active Status (#8) he must complete Continuing Education (#9). That continuing education consists of 36 hours of approved course work throughout each renewal period of four years. In fact, in 1998 Myers Jackson received his Real Estate Broker License. Twenty years later he holds licensure in 27 states. He has been selling properties all over the U.S. as well as abroad. His most recent sale in Georgia was in September. Indeed, there are two categories of Georgia real estate brokerage relationships. The Broker-Client and the Broker-Customer. First is the Broker-Client. Myers Jackson the broker represents the client as a legal agent for the buying or selling of real estate. Georgia requires those in this relationship must have a written agreement. Some of the information this agreement details are: method by which Myers Jackson will be paid; Myers Jackson’s role in client confidentiality; agency or client relationships that Myers Jackson is offering. This category consists of four brokerage relationships. Buyer Agency, Designated Agency, Dual Agency and Seller Agency. Second is the Broker-Customer. In this role Myers Jackson is not representing the customer legally or as an agency. Although, Myers Jackson may still assist the customer by: locating desired property; drawing up and presenting the customer with contracts upon request. Brokers May Help Parties Other Than Their Clients and Transaction Broker are the two relationships in this category. Therefore, when it comes time to look for a Georgia real estate broker, look no further than Myers Jackson. *=Georgia MLS Training Institute

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